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Palm Beach Kayak Fishing Forecast August 2023

Kayak Fishing Inshore

Get ready for the mullet! We should start to see the first waves of our fall mullet run in the later weeks of the month. The beaches will be where to start and as the month goes on, they will start to push in the intracoastal. Drive the beach until you find a school of bait and launch your kayak. Try throwing an artificial lure that is the shape of mullet, but a brighter color to make it stand out. Snook, Tarpon, Jacks and Sharks will be the main list of targets.  

Kayak Fishing Offshore

The mullet run provides easy bait to run offshore with. I like to use finger mullet bottom fishing for mutton snapper and trolling for mahi mahi. Larger mullet in the 10 inch range are great for kingfish and Sailfish. When you looking to target snapper try using a leader in the 20 foot range tied to a carolina rig or knocker rig depending on your drift. A longer leader is key when targeting bigger mutton snapper. If you looking to hit the pelagic fish look to slow troll the normal 90-200 foot of water with mullet, goggle eyes or pilchards.

Kayak Fishing Freshwater

Keeping with the mullet theme. I also like to use finger mullet for Peacock bass. Twenty-pound leader and a 2/0 circle hook casting in and around structure and weed lines will get you on a few. Clown Knifefish will also be on the target list. Try fishing mid water column and below by adding a pinch weight to your leader. Finger mullet and shiners will work well.

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Brian Nelli


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