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December Kayak Fishing Forecast

December should put us in full swing of winter time targets. Look for pompano, Spanish mackerel and bluefish to start to show up along the beach and pushing into the intracoastal near inlets. The more cold fronts we get the more fish will push into the river and intracoastal. Try fishing for pompano along channel edges near your favorite inlet. Pompano jigs, DOA Lures 2.75” shrimp and a good ole bucktail jig are a few of my favorite lures. Bluefish can be a lot of fun on the beach and on the inside intracoastal. Topwater lures like a Yozuri Topknock and DOA Lures Baitbuster will give some exciting action on top.

Prepare for being cold and wet when going offshore this time of year. Get a good pair of bibs or light waders from Frogg Toggs to keep you dry launching and wave splashes while out there. Sailfish and kingfish will be the most common catches with a random mahi and wahoo in the mix. Slow trolling goggle eyes and blue runners 90-250 foot of water will be your best bet get a bite. Try trolling one bait up top on the surface and one 40-80 feet below the surface using a downrigger of rubber band and egg weight attached to your line. The egg weight will break away when bait it struck and you are free to fight the fish.

Peacock Bass and Clown Knifefish will be chewing this month. Prop baits will work well for peacock along shallow edges. Try twenty-pound leader and a 2/0 circle hook casting in and around structure and weed lines to get onto a few Clowns with finger mullet and shiners. Look to fish mid water column and below by adding a pinch weight to your leader and get that bait in their face.  

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Brian Nelli


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